About us

  Our mission

The concept of Champions’ House was created according to the challenges of Georgian sports development. The main aim of the company is to offer Georgian sportsmen apartments in concessionary prices as well as modern fitness center including significant services like massage, physical-therapy, etc.

  Our team

Varlam Liparteliani

Varlam Liparteliani is a Georgian judoka, who has won silver at Olympic and World level. He achieved several awards during his sports career, including five golden medals in World championship.

At the 2016 Olympic Games, he won the silver medal.


Avtandil Tchrikishvili

Avtandil Tchrikishvili is a Georgian judoka. He became World and European champion in judo several times.

The Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of Georgia named him the Best Georgian Sportsman of 2014.

  About the project


In Champions house’s cafe our habitants and other consumers will be able to enjoy Tbilisi’s beautiful view. Cafe will be oriented on healthy nutrition.


Fitness Center

Gym will be located on the first floor of building. Fitness center will include additional services like: massage, sauna and physical-therapy.


Additional objects

Fitness center, pharmacy, market, parking lot and cafe will be located in the building.



Open-air kindergarten will be located in front of the building. Greenery will cover 470 meters of the territory.


Energy Efficiency

  • Apartments will be equipped with aluminium doors and windows. Facades and roofs will be equipped with heat isolation.
  • High strength type concrete of B25 category shall be used for the entire building.



  • The building can withstand 9 magnitude earthquake.
  • Building provides fire-fighting and other security systems



Underground parking lot will have the capacity of 50 cars